Lonzo Ball: The New Face of the Lakers

Hate all you want, Lonzo Ball is the NBA’s next young star. Lonzo and his family are in national headlines all the time, they are flat out popping. While many hate on Lonzo’s game and refer to him as a bust, I see a high ceiling. Lonzo Ball has been balling before all of this fame occurred. It all started at Chino Hills, where he put his high school on the map. He started a dynasty that eventually led to a perfect season, a number one national ranking and a state championship. Soon after, Lonzo went to UCLA and completely changed the culture there. He led the Bruins to a number three seed in the tourney and took them to the sweet sixteen. Finally, Lonzo was drafted by his hometown team the Los Angeles Lakers with the second overall pick in this past year’s draft. Lonzo is an incredible player with ridiculous talent, yet he receives so much hate. The hate is mostly generated from his outspoken father LaVar Ball. LaVar makes outrageous claims, for instance that his son is better than Steph Curry and that LaVar himself could beat Michael Jordan one on one. Lonzo Ball is a stud, and is the new face of the Lakers whether you like it or not. Lonzo during summer league put on a clinic with terrific performances which led his team to win the summer league championship and also led him to be named summer league MVP. Lonzo’s unique jump shot and out of this world passing talent makes him into a fun player to watch. He will make unknown players turn into threats and gets everyone involved. But the best thing Lonzo Ball brings to the table is he knows how to win and how to lead. Two vital things any NBA team and something the Lakers desperately need right now. Lonzo Ball will grasp the keys of the Lakers franchise and lead them and win with them for years to come. I am unsure if I can agree with LaVar about the Lakers making the players during the 2017-18 season, but they are close to being a real threat in the coming years. The Lakers made the right choice on draft night and got themselves an established leader and a future star.

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