Who is the best Point Guard currently?

In a league currently dominated by point guards, one of the hottest debates in the basketball is who is the best point guard in the NBA. This is debate that has no true answer and depends on what you for in a point guard. A prolific scorer like Kyrie Irving? An incredible passer like Chris Paul? Or maybe even an all-around athletic freak like Russell Westbrook. The debate real has many possibilities but no true answer.

Many people believe a more physical unstoppable caliber player such as Russell Westbrook is the best point guard in the NBA. Don’t get me wrong, Russ is an animal but I don’t believe he is the best. Russ has a strong flaw in his game. He doesn’t shoot a high percentage and has a crazy high usage rate. Russ can shoot his team out of the game and has a poor shot selection.

Next, you look at a player like Steph Curry. Steph Curry can easily become the best but he must work on his flaws. Steph Curry is a game-breaking player who has a ridcuoulousy three-point shooting ability. Steph Curry is a fundamentally sound player who can cause his team to explode into jaw-dropping 10, 20, and 30 point runs at unexpected times. One part of Curry’s game that stops me from ranking him number one is his defense. Curry notoriously does not guard elite top tier point guards. Instead, his teammate, Klay Thompson picks up players like Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard and Russell Westbrook on a nightly basis. Shall, Curry improve his defense and defend these top tier point guards and not shy away from these tough matchups. I would without a doubt consider him for the top spot.

Another possibility is Kyrie Irving. Kyrie Irving is the best finisher in the NBA currently and might be arguably one of the best of all time. Kyrie is a flashy, calm killer when it comes to basketball. He breaks down his matchups with his amazing handles and hits big shots when they are needed. Kyrie has a lot of flaws, but he is only 25 years old. After being traded to the Celtics I expect Irving to elevate his game and overtake the top spot in this list very soon. Irving is not a prolific passer or a terrific defender. Two things he must work on if he wants to be the best. Irving is known for going games with zero assists and shooting 1 for 13. These are games he cannot afford. The ball is in Irving’s court now. He will either take off with the Celtics and become an absolute dog, or slip and lose lots of respect.

In my opinion, the best point guard in the NBA is John Wall. Wall is overlooked by the average basketball fan but it takes a true expert to break down his game. The definition of a point guard is someone who “directs a team’s offense and gets his teammates in the right places.” Wall excels at passing as he has averaged 9.2 assists per game over his career, and 10.3 assists the past three years. Wall arguably is the best passer in the NBA currently and embodies the role of a being a point guard. Wall also plays excellent defense. Wall averaged 2.0 steals per game, and was snubbed of first team all defense, something I predict he will win this upcoming year. John Wall is an example of what every point guard strives to be. He finds his teammates, defends and is capable of scoring when needed. John Wall is a player I would want leading my team at the point guard position because of these attributes he possesses.

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