Early Bold College Football Prediction

The college football season is upon us, get ready for upsets, spectacular plays and magnificent feats. College football never fails to impress and is an American favorite. The question every college sports analyst is asking themselves is who makes the cut? What four elite programs will battle it out in the annual College Football Playoff. First, we must look at in recent years to breakdown my selections. In recent years, the committee has opted to take conference champions over notable wins. Last year Washington did not have a super strong resume but won their conference, whereas Michigan lost their conference but had better quality wins. I believe that the four teams will be Alabama, Ohio State, USC and either the Big 12 or ACC winner. I believe Ohio State is the best team in the nation. They have the best coach. An experienced skilled quarterback who’s capable of putting points up every drive, and a tough stingy defense. Although they have many marquee matchups I expect to handle these games and win their conference. Their schedule is very spaced out, they have an early season test at home vs. Oklahoma. Then they travel to face Nebraska, but this will come after games against Maryland, UNLV, and Rutgers. They will then host Penn State, but this will come after a bye week. Finally, their last test is “The Game” vs. Michigan in Ann Arbor. Urban Meyer will continue his dominance and avenge his embarrassing loss last year. Urban Meyer has won a championship the following year after losing a bowl game every time in his coaching career. As for Alabama and USC I expect them to handle their conferences with ease and make the playoff as serious contenders. The last playoff spot will go to whichever Big 12 team or ACC team emerges as a star. I expect all Big 12 teams to beat up on each other again. I was also leaning to Florida State making the playoff but after Francois’ injury I believe that is unreachable. Clemson has potential but I believe they need to prove themselves more same goes with Michigan. This college football season looks to be a great one and I cannot wait to see what happens!

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